Virtual Book Club on Blessed Luigi Maria Monti and the CFIC

Join us for a virtual book club on An Apostle of Charity, Blessed Luigi Maria Monti by Igino Giordani. Zoom sessions are free.

The Zoom sessions begin in the graceful season of Lent and continue until Pentecost. Start time is 7:00pm CST on Thursday evenings from February 18 through May 20, 2021, totaling 13 weekly sessions (excluding Holy Thursday).

This presentation is a great way to introduce to parishioners and friends the Founder of the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception, Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, and his charismatic life in the 19th century. The sessions are led by Rev. Dr. James Chitteth CFIC from Toronto, Ontario.

You are invited and encouraged to sign up for this first-time opportunity to get to know CFIC and its founder, Blessed Luigi Maria Monti. The sessions will be held in the evening, once a week via Zoom meetings. The meeting link will be sent to all the participants before the sessions every week.

Copies of the book ‘An Apostle of Charity’ are available via online ordering for $15.00 + $3.00 shipping (see below).

We need your email address so that we can send you the Zoom meeting notifications.

Click to download: Blessed Luigi Maria Monti book club flyer

Click to download: Blessed Luigi Maria Monti Prayer Card

Listen to audio recordings of the Book Club sessions:

  1. February 18 Session audio: Luigi Maria Monti book club 2-18-2021
  2. February 25 Session audio: Luigi Maria Monti book club 2-25-2021. Video:
  3. March 4 Session audio: Luigi Maria Monti book club 3-4-2021
  4. March 11 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-3-11-2021 Montian Recipe for enjoying good health
  5. March 18 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-3-18-2021
  6. March 25 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-3-25-2021
  7. April 8 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-4-8-2021
  8. April 15 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-4-15-2021
  9. April 22 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-4-22-2021
  10. April 29 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-4-29-2021
  11. May 6 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-5-6-2021
  12. May 13 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-5-13-2021
  13. May 20 Session audio: Luigi-Maria-Monti-book-club-5-20-2021

Virtual Book Club registration

The 13 free Zoom sessions of the Virtual Book Club were concluded on May 20, 2021.

Order a hard copy of the book An Apostle of Charity: Father Luigi Maria Monti by Igino Giordani

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