St. Mary’s, St. Paul Minnesota

The history of St. Mary’s Parish is almost as old as that of the Congregation. St. Mary’s story begins in 1865.

The parish was administered by the diocesan priests and lately by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  After the Oblates left the parish, the CFIC was given the responsibility of the parish.

In February 2003 Fr. George Manjankal became the parochial administrator of the parish together with other four brothers from different nationalities.  Gradually the community also got involved in spiritual care of the sick and incarcerated.

In 2009, Fr. Biju Mathew was assigned as the pastor and superior of the community and Fr. Antony Skaria and Fr. Benny Mekkatt joined in the community. Fr. Benny later left to be Pastor at Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Maplewood, MN.

In July 2017, Fr. Benny Mekkatt was assigned as Pastor of St. Mary’s and Blessed Sacrament Parishes and Superior of the CFIC North American Delegation. Fr. Benny is now assigned exclusively to Blessed Sacrament Parish, and also serves as Delegate Superior for CFIC North American Delegation.

Fr. Antony Skaria now serves as pastor of St. John Vianney Church in South St. Paul, MN.

Fr. Jimmy Puttananickal joined the community in August of 2018, assigned as the Associate Pastor of St. Mary’s and Blessed Sacrament. He is also Hospital Chaplain at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. He now serves as Parochial Administrator of St. Mary’s Church.

The community is actively involved in the spiritual care of parishioners, the sick and the detained through pastoral assistance, hospital chaplaincy and correctional ministry.

The community is composed of:

Fr Benny Mekkatt, CFIC, Pastor and Delegate Superior

Fr Antony Skaria, CFIC, Pastor and Superior

Fr. Jimmy Puttananickal CFIC, Parochial Administrator and Chaplain.


Fr. James Chitteth, CFIC, Pastor



St Mary’s Catholic Church

261 East 8th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone:(651) 222-2619 Fax (651) 224-1190
Church of The Blessed Sacrament
St. John Vianney